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Back To The Future Pt. 18

Kazu spilled some Purple Drank on my back…


And I was a little bitch about it.


Back To The Future Pt. 17

More and more. All the rough spots today. Ouch!


Back To The Future Pt. 16

Shit is starting to look way more filled now – DragonBallZ’s even got colour…


Gotta impress the boys…


Back To The Future Pt. 15

More kimono and some touch up…


Back To The Future Pt. 14

Another day at the office (if the office happens to be Gitmo and your al-quaeda)
Everyone always says that the red looks like it hurts, but it all hurts…


But, seriously, this isn’t MY back, is it… ?

Back To The Future Pt. 13

I got my first tribal…


Back To The Future Pt. 12

My money goddess got herself some bling this morning…


Only an hour today, because I’m still covered in scabs from last time and
in the words of Kazu “no good”. Just before we finished up, this old-ass
serious Yak-godfather-motherfucker saunters in and Kazu started quietly
shitting himself. It was interesting. In a slight coincidence, while I was
waiting for Kazu to prep today I was looking through this crazy Yak mag.
But it wasn’t about them – it was by them! One pages headline said…
Yakuza Network News.
And yesterday Tommy was telling me about the entirely illegal
(but accepted/approved) Yak Casino that he used to go to in Shibuya.