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Mein Schlechtes Gewissen

I hate to admit it, but it looks like my soul mate might be… Jerry!!!

(No) Thanks to “The Spic“, for bringing this to my attention.
Why, oh why can’t my dream girl live in a non-landlocked country…


Ivens Odyssey

Ivens came down for a bit of summer fun yesterday. So, we decided to head
to the Pillars in Mt. Martha. It was crazy beautiful and we had some fun
jumping┬áthe cliffs and swimming around…

While we were swimming some little fucks stole Ivens phone, wallet,
cigarettes and lighter. Shithouse. We looked around but it was useless.

Later, halfway back to Frankston, to drop him back at the train station,
Mums fan belt snapped and we got stranded on the side of the road!
Ivens decided to walk the rest of the way to the station, which turned out
to be a very smart move…

Road Side Assitance took 1.5 hours to arrive and 30 secs to say “Gotta tow it”

Luckily it had been a beautiful, hot day and I had nowhere else to be because
it took another 1.5 hours for the tow truck to arrive. In the meantime, I
played with my phone and watched the sun set…

Turned out that the tow truck driver and I were the same age, but his life
story was a ~little~ different to mine. He can keep his life though.
Best day / worst day. Funny…


Some bits of life from my iPhone…