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Driving Far Away

Been out of the Fatherland for almost a week.
But they won’t forget us so quickly…



Damn Fine Always

Some old friends and some new ones. Doing it right…


Big Day Out

I finally cleaned up my room, after 9+ months. It was fucking filthy.
For a room that’s basically 2m squared, I have a lot of shit in here…


The Heights is looking pretty outside at the moment too…


Went to Komazawa Park with Tommy and there was mega crew there.
Akachikun, Aoki, Kentaro(Apollo), Muraken and 50 other cunts.
Tried to skate and literally took 35 tries to land a heely. Dismal.
Then Akachi, the most deceptively sporty human being ever,
started a friendly bunny hop comp with Tommy and Kentaro.
Akachi was killing it and ended up pulling this 75cm-ish monster…


The guy has been riding longer than I’ve been alive, so I guess it makes sense.
Tommy pulled a pretty sweet gap… 


After the park we headed back to Tommys and made a pretty sweet dinner.
He pulled out some secret recipes from when he used to work in a kitchen
including Wasabi Cottage Cheese. I was skeptical, but it was really good.


Dumb Fucking Australians

What a difference a day makes…
Finally got a full-setup together. Tommy hooked me a truck combo.
I snagged a free deck and bought some bolts from this joint near Carnival. 


We hit up Setagaya park for a sesh. I actually landed some tricks, which was cool.
Some clean Varials, Kickies, Heelies and No Complies. Sweet as. Hard work though. 


Tommy’s sister’s dog…


Forgot how much these hurt. Kiss Of Death…


Did some washing…


Met back up with Tommy and Aoki and went to an cool-ish exhibition
at Undercover in Aoyama. Aoki died dropping a bank on the way home!
Then Olie called and wanted some help with a new tattoo.
Good old Aussie barbie – Japanese style. 


Akira’s got Yoko on the smack…


I decided to treat myself too. Always a quality minded professional.


Dying For Attention and Desperate For Anal. Eternally…


While this crazy wog is Souvlaki’d for life…