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The entire STD were finally united for the first time.
Tommy, Yaguchi, Kenchan and Mr. Aoki made the
trek from wintery Tokyo to sunny, summery Batmania!

3 days and 2 nights of BBQs, bikes and bad-ass shit…

The Yaguchinator…

Steady Giggin’…

Kenchan. Model/Karaoke Technician…

Fuck knows?

Up There Cazaly!

We traded this corn for weed – as you do…

Fuck knows?

Sweaty poofs jocked us relentlessly everywhere we went…

Death Or Glory…

Doing Life…

Fuck Knows?

Hungry, Hungry Hippo…

Just like the old days – but nothing like the old days…

STD. Now with Botanicals…


Riding durrty…

Fuck knows?

Meeting the locals – Pissy the Possum…

Fire It Up!!!

Fed Square Fags…

Flinders Street Fun…

O-nesan no uchi de…

Japs love a train…

Sayoonara suckers!!!


Spinning Those D’s

Me and N8 rode to Kamakura…




Had a smile…


Had a swim…


Ate some SHIT


Did some shit…


Blew up some shit…


And cleaned up my shit for a visit with my lady…


3.5 hours to get down there. 6-ish hours to get back. We got LOST!
Rode through some hell tunnels that we weren’t meant to ride through.
Got a flat and had to walk for about 3kms and “slept” on a wooden floor.

Setagayas Top Destroyers

We went to look for a phone for N8Balls after I finished work.
While we were riding around Shinjuku a rat decided to try and test me.
He learned how I roll.

The Red Threats first victim…


After we struck out for phones we had a little look around Donki…


Then we went to Carnival and hung out for a while giving each other shit,
which I can now (kind-of) do in Japanese. Then we went for a mega-roll.
3 hours later, it was deja-vu-city in about 10 different ways… 


Still Talking Dirty…


Michael K was here last week too and while wearing a Serpents shirt,
he unwittingly went to Carnival with some guy that’s a friend of Tommy.
Obviously, we all hung out later that night and hit up the arcade and…


Here Comes The Bride

I went to Akikos wedding on Saturday. I completely forgot, until I was reminded
2 hours before it started. No sweat! 1 x ¥99 tie later and I’m good to go…


On the way to the venue, we were waiting for the lights outside Tower Records
and some randoms jump out of the swarms of people and confront us.
It was Making Ends Mark and Azu! I’m terrible at replying to emails, so
I had no idea he was here. (N8 and them went here while I was busy).




Wedding was fun – interesting for a first timer. They got a special vege menu
just for me and the food was actually really nice. After the ceremony/dinner
we went to go to a club, but it didn’t open for an hour and a half, so…


Hey, My Roids

Took some Roids of my new ride…


Here are specs, for people who… care?
(and probably so I can describe it, when it gets stolen)

Frame: 55cm Level / 120 spacing
Headset: Hatta Swan (or so Yaguchi says…)
Stem: Nitto Technomic 90
Bars: Nitto x T19 Riser Black
Grips: Carnival heat-shrink madness Black
BB: Sugino Messenger
Cranks/Chainring:  Sugino Messenger (46)
Cog: Sugino Pro Black (18)
Chain: Izumi Silver
Pedals: MKS Stream Silver
Clips: MKS Plastic Black
Straps: Sexon Double Leather Black
Seat Post: Kalloy Silver (27.2)
Saddle: Dixna Leather Black
Hubs: 36h Sansin Professional
Rims: Araya RC-540
Tyres: Michelin Orium Red & Blue (2nd hand freebies)
Wheel nuts: Dia-compe Silver (freebies)
Top Tube Pad: Tokyu Hands foam Red
Light: Knog 1 LED Black (freebie)
Lock: Godzilla! (not pictured)

Heaven help me.


After going to Hands and prince-ing a set of wheel nuts and a light,
The Communist Manifesto is complete (for now)…


When the sun sets I’m thinking…


Carnival Biciclette Tokyo

Went to Carnival after work on Sunday to put the Red Threat together.
More parts = More ¥¥¥ = 1 😦 Jew 


Tommy Tightening Those Things…


Mitsuru bringing the heat…


I got a new anti-theft device. Some serious shit too – only in Japan…


Got it all put together and then headed off. The bike felt great, easily the
best bike I’ve had. We got to the top of Dogenzaka and I decided to try
a little skid and oops, the cog starts spinning! Luckily it was in a safe
flat spot and not going down the hill on the freeway. We cruised up
to a bar and met Yaguchi and his wife and their insanely cut little girl.
We hung out for a bit and she taught me a song about cabbage and bugs!