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Holy Shit!!!

I took so many rolls of film and polaroids during my little J-adventure…

Now I have to scan them all…

And find time to go to my old/new full time job…
Hit the beach and pillars as much as humanly possible…
Practice the ridiculously hard bass lines that I have to learn…
And still do all the other shit I want to do!

Like going to see these spics. Life’s too good to me.


Merry J-Day

The Grudge

I’m only analogue on this trip – all film, no digital cameras. Which means
few posts and the horrible joy of going through mountains of film when
I get back and putting some shit up then, before I start working full time.
Oh, well, it’s a good thing…

Nancy Drew has a mad Flickr. It’s got 90’s rap stars, real bad boys and
queer white criminals. Check it out.

Mr. Clean

Highlights from the Land Of The Rising Sun-that-sets-at-5:
Eating at the best restaurant in Japan (Mikoan, Kyoto) – twice!
Bunny hoppying the rent-a-mama-chari all along the river trail.
Hippying out under the blood-stained boards of Shoudenji Temple.
Riding the rails – all day with it – from Kyoto to Tokyo.
Hanging at the Tokyo Denchi Bounenkai.
Riding a bike around these old mean streets again.
Seeing Tron at the Kawasaki Imax.
Hanging with Guu-ber, the Softest Sausage (dog).
Hitting Soy Cafe with the Yosh, then vibing Tokyo Tower.
Missing the lunar eclipse cause it was cloudy for the first time since I got here.
Only half understanding what the littlest-sensei was trying to explain to me.
*And a sweet EARTHQUAKE!!!

The Gurido

It’s colder than a witches tit, black as a real by 5pm, killing me not having a bike
and I still love it’s stinking yellow guts to bits and then some.
There’s only one place I could be…

Home Again, Home Again…


Who I am…