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Mr. Clean

Highlights from the Land Of The Rising Sun-that-sets-at-5:
Eating at the best restaurant in Japan (Mikoan, Kyoto) – twice!
Bunny hoppying the rent-a-mama-chari all along the river trail.
Hippying out under the blood-stained boards of Shoudenji Temple.
Riding the rails – all day with it – from Kyoto to Tokyo.
Hanging at the Tokyo Denchi Bounenkai.
Riding a bike around these old mean streets again.
Seeing Tron at the Kawasaki Imax.
Hanging with Guu-ber, the Softest Sausage (dog).
Hitting Soy Cafe with the Yosh, then vibing Tokyo Tower.
Missing the lunar eclipse cause it was cloudy for the first time since I got here.
Only half understanding what the littlest-sensei was trying to explain to me.
*And a sweet EARTHQUAKE!!!


Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

But not exactly a ‘White’ one. It’s freezing here, but still sunny everyday.


The week leading up to the big day was serious. Late nights aplenty.
Disease ridden river into all-night karaoke sessions.


My feet were 100% numb, the entire time. Got spots?


Worked till 10 on Xmas Eve!!! New experiences abound in this foreign land.
Xmas Day, got up ludicrously early to open presents over the internet with the fam.
 Then DL’d and rocked Home Alone and just hung out in bed.
After that I went and hung at Carnival and played Saint Nick, while Oli
 pimped his ride (including a new BB from Santa)…


True Fluoro Yellow over Mid-Grey = Pine Lime Splice…
Spray That, Dawg!


Then it was Xmas Dinner in G-Land. Roast from a microwave!!!
Only in Japan… 


It was a killer Christmas, all round, on the presents front.
The Georgiou’s out did themselves though…


Shit, That’s Dope!!!


Fire It Up!!!

Easier to view versions of the mayhem that ensued after a splurge on ¥99 fireworks last week. I’m way too busy at the moment. Living the big city life… I guess?